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Project Description
This is a tool to aid RESX resources management. It can detect and remove unused resources, compare RESX files and detect duplicates and discrepancies.

This tool has been successfully used internally for multiple projects, but it is still in the pilot stage.

Supported Features

1. Determine unused resources by analyzing compile and content files included in one or more project files.

2. Auto-detect concatenated resource identifiers.

3. Support exceptions to retain external resource identifiers (e.g. defined in a database).

4. Generates RESX file with unused resources removed.

5. Detect duplicated resources between two RESX files.

6. Detect string discrepancies (CSV output).

7. Generates RESX file with duplicated resources removed.

8. Identify duplicated resource strings within a single RESX file (CSV output).

Planned Features

1. Support for project types other than *.csproj

2. Ability to specify a folder for a recursive all files scan.

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